Friday, November 8, 2013

Swipetimes pro time tracker 2.8

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Current Version: 2.8
Requires Android: 4.0 and up
Category: Productivity
v2.8 update:
2.8 – Reworked time sheets. Long press on a record in the daily time sheet opens the timeline. Fixed Excel export compatibility issues. Shortcut to add a new record available in the start center and daily time sheet.
2.7 – Google Drive and Dropbox backup and restore functionality. Bugfixes.
2.6 – Pie diagram for project time distribution. Project colors are now used consistently throughout the app.
Swipetimes is an innovative, beautiful, powerful and intuitive time tracker application which lets you:
* Define projects and tasks.
* Track the time you spend working on them by using a stopwatch.
* Tag your tracked activities.
* Add expenses to your tracked activities.
* Easily change tracked activities or add some if you forgot or didn’t want to use the stopwatch.
* Swipe infinitely through summary screens to admire what you’ve been doing. Or maybe just for fun.
* View your statistics in beautiful pie diagrams.
* Export your saved records in Excel, CSV or XML so you can impress your boss, bill your clients or do whatever you want.
Use Swipetimes if:
* You like to track time.
* You need to track time.
* You’re a freelancer.
* You’re an IT engineer.
* You’re an attorney.
* You need to manage your time.
* You want a time tracking app on your phone or tablet.
* You provide services you need to bill.
* You need to ask for money from your clients.
* Your boss wants to know what you’re doing.
* Time tracking is your hobby.
* ???
There’s a free and a pro version availabe.
The free one let’s you define only three projects and three tasks per project. Export is working, but one half of the exported records won’t have a project set.
The pro version let’s you do anything. Simply anything. For less than the price of a beer in your favorite bar.
Install Swipetimes. Track time. Have fun.

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