Sunday, August 25, 2013

invi Messenger and SMS 0.9.3 beta

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Current Version: 0.9.3 beta
Requires Android: 2.3 and up
Category: Communication
v0.9.3 beta update:
✓ Outgoing MMS Support (Incoming MMS coming soon!)
✓ Send photos as links via SMS (Really cool!)
✓ Send sound and music files
✓ View web links right within the chat!
✓ When viewing a web link, rotate the device to switch to full screen mode
✓ Clicking ’message’ on contact in address book now works correctly and opens the relevant chat
invi is a rich media texting app, making your messaging experience beautiful, fast, fun & free. Photos, web pages and YouTube videos come to life within your chat as you continue texting. Download now to see invi Messenger in action!
invi replaces your default Android SMS app. Messages between invi users are free over WiFi or data.
Share photos from Facebook, gallery and other apps right within your messaging screen as stunning full-screen images, and easily share them from invi Messenger to any other app. Watch YouTube videos inside your chat as you continue texting. Links you share from the web turn into beautiful interactive widgets inside your messenger.
✓ Get a free powerful messenger and SMS client that’s fast, fun and beautiful!
✓ A new kind of inbox – fill up your messenger inbox with your friends’ spectacular cover photos.
✓ Enjoy YouTube videos together without leaving your chat – YouTube links turn into beautiful previews in your chat. Tap them to play the video right inside your messenger. Tap again to close them into preview mode. (Works for SMS too!)
✓ No more boring links or tiny thumbnails – invi Messenger converts any link into a beautiful interactive preview, regardless of whether you are instant messaging or using invi for SMS.
✓ Search for YouTube videos, photos and more to share with friends without ever leaving your messenger / SMS chat.
✓ Share content out of any other app on your phone into your invi Messenger / SMS chat.
✓ SMS with anyone, even if they don’t have invi, at regular SMS charges.
✓ Free messaging with your invi Messenger friends using WiFi or data plan
✓ Share media from invi Messenger to other apps, like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and more.
✓ Emoji? Simply swipe to share hundreds of emoticons via messenger or SMS.
✓ No ads. Ever.
invi Features:
• SMS messaging with non-invi contacts at regular SMS charges
• FREE messaging with invi friends over WiFi or data
• Simple, clean and fast messenger and SMS interface
• An innovative, beautiful and fun messenger and SMS inbox
• Easily integrate contacts (any phone contact shows up immediately).
• Choose your own cover and profile photos or import from Facebook to messenger.
• Send and receive photos, YouTube videos and more, beautifully integrated into your messenger / SMS screen.
• Share photos and videos as fully interactive widgets – view while simultaneously messaging.
• Easily share content to and from other apps.
• Search for YouTube videos, photos and more to share with friends without ever leaving your messenger / SMS screen.
• No logging in or out. invi messenger is always on so messages and SMS are always received.
• Select the white or black theme (saves battery).
• Message / SMS delivery notifications
• Hundreds of emoji at your fingertips – swipe to access
• No ads – invi is all about an amazing messaging and SMS experience. It’s 100% FREE.
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