Tuesday, September 3, 2013

3 Kingdoms TD:Defenders’ Creed 1.2.6

 Current Version: 1.2.6
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Category: Arcade & Action
v1.2.6 update:
GREAT NEWS: The multiplayer version was just released. Compete for bragging rights and prizes against other players with Skillz!
- Fixed a fatal error
- Fixed in-app purchase bugs
- Fixed ranking force closed error
NEW: If you have some suggestions and expectations or want to discuss certain stage with other players, please do not hesitate to post at http://facebook.com/defenderscreed
The multiplayer version is now released. Compete for bragging rights and prizes against other players with Skillz!
*** REVIEWS ***
androidheadlines.com: “For those that like strategy games this is a great title for on the go and won’t set you back any because it’s free. If you’ve ever loved to play Tower Defence but found it a little lacking then Defenders’ Creed offers an alternative.” (androidheadlines.com)
androidtapp.com: “It’s a free game and, if you’ve previously enjoyed similar titles, definitely check it out. The game offers challenging gameplay and well designed characters and levels. It’s fun while the ‘free’ play lasts but I found you quickly face a wall of enemies that require some upgrades (via in-app purchases) for you to progress and make the most of the game. Definitely give it a look though.” (androidtapp.com)
appeggs.com: “The game has 64 levels to get through with multiple units and heroes to unlock, this is quite a large scale game for the mobile. The graphics in this game are not bad. The cartoony graphics are great fun, and the physics of the people is very realistic. Animations are fluent and never had a problem with freezing or crashing. The sound is very good and full of character, detail and effects.
If you like Plants VS Zombies style game, try this one. If you like strategic games, try this one. If you like tower defense games, you also can try this one. It’s a good game with great depth and enough content to keep you going for a long time. ” (appeggs.com)
91mobiles.com: “Tower Defense freaks will surely like 3 Kingdoms TD: Defenders’ Creed game because of its cool game play. It is having a perfect mixture of power ups and stages to fight the enemy hordes. As the game is free you should totally give it a try.” (91mobiles.com)
*** Discriptions and Features ***
BRAND NEW! 3 Kingdoms! Tower Defense! Masterpiece! Defenders’ Creed was just published. Use your wisdom to defend your homeland!
Do not simply treat it as Plants vs Zombies with 3 kingdoms characters and storylines. The hero and soldier system, defending nurture system and purse system show how creative the game is. In addition to that, the huge amount of stages await for you to explore and challenge. Being defenders of your city and a commander for your homeland people, you have to hold the Defenders’ Creed for repelling powerful and cruel intruders and defending your homeland.
Skillful famous heroes from 3 kingdoms era, diversified defending tactics and value-added purses are the core game elements. Different combinations of those elements can create different playing experiences. In addition, unpredictable weather system and extra bonus system further motivate you to join the passionate defending wars.

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