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Spirit FM Unlocked 2013_09_18

Download :
Current Version: 2013_09_18
Requires Android: 2.1 and up
Category: Music & Audio
v2013_09_18 update:
- Aug 12: Galaxy S GT-I9000 digital speaker. Xperia Z* audio.
- Aug 10: HTC One GPE Android 4.3 speaker. Xperia Z* audio, Experimental Bluedroid shim 4 Broadcom w/ BT on.
- July 31: Fix nasty bug due to Android SDK update. Most notable on ICS ROMs on ARMv6 SOCs, where the FM wouldn’t start, but may have also prevented audio from working on some devices.
- July 29: Widget added. Bluetooth adjustments.
- July 26: JB 4.3 fix, JB+ Notification controls. Fix HTC One, Sony. Fix Media Keys.
Spirit FM Radio is a real, tuned, “over the air” FM radio app. It is NOT a streaming app which requires expensive data plans and drains your battery.
PLEASE NOTE: I’m taking a MUCH needed break from Spirit and may take it in a new direction: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1059296&page=684
Briefly: I’m sorry but I’m not going to be able to provide the high level of support I’ve been providing and have been struggling to maintain. At least not for the next month or so, Answers to most questions can be found in the XDA thread linked above.
I won’t be reading my usual email mikereidis@gmail.com for at least one week of Internet “detox”. :)
Satisfaction guaranteed or full refund. Cancel any time on request. To cancel, email spirit.fm.unlocked.cancel@gmail.com with at least your name, email of purchase, and/or order ID or email receipt.
If you’re an average phone user, & don’t know what Android “rooting” is, Spirit will likely not offer you much more than your stock FM app. If your phone does not have a stock FM app, it is unlikely that Spirit will work on it.
Spirit is mostly for Android enthusiasts who “root” & “ROM” their phones. But it also works on many stock, “store bought” phones.
On supported devices, Spirit is the only FM app supporting all these digital audio features:
- A2DP Bluetooth headset support.
- CD quality stereo recording.
- Internal Waveform and FFT frequency visualization with accurate 5 dB times 1 octave grid, from 43 Hz to 22 KHz.
- External visualizers, equalizers and effects.
Digital supported on: rooted International Galaxy S/S2/S3/Note/Note2/Player, rooted HTC One/OneXL/OneS/Evo 4G LTE/Xperia T and most stock Sony 2012-2013 devices.
Spirit includes:
- Digital audio features on supported devices (see above): Bluetooth, Record, Visualization, Equalizer & Effects.
- RDS data display in App, Lock-screen & Notification window. RT, PS, PTY, PI & AF RadioText RT, Program Service PS, Program Type PTY, Program ID PI & Alternate Frequency AF.
- Lock-screen & Wired Headset Media Button support for mute, preset, seek, volume & record.
- Many settings: Audio, UI, AF, Digital & Debug categories.
- Unlimited Presets & Preset Lists.
FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=31983089
I understand the price may seem high, but this is a niche app with 9,000 hours of work required over 2.7 years. How many other “Real FM Radio” apps are on Google Play ? Almost none.
Why ? Because Android FM is extremely difficult. Google doesn’t support FM radio and carriers suppress it. Intensive reverse engineering is required. In the over 2 years since Spirit was first created, nobody else has been “crazy” enough to attempt to compete in this niche. :)
Spirit is not a throwaway game app you play for a few days. How many hours will you spend listening to FM radio in the next several years ?
How much can you save on data plans by listening to free, over the air radio versus streaming ?
If you care about app quality, note CNet article “We’re not paying enough for apps”: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=23568502&postcount=2523
I’m one developer and Spirit is my only app and income. I’m trying to do a job Google said they couldn’t for lack of developer resources. :)
Your support for Spirit is appreciated.
For tons of further info, and links to free test versions, please see my XDA thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=13385163
Thanks !

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