Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Automaton Locker (Trial) 2.70

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Current Version: 2.70
Requires Android: 3.0 and up
Category: Tools
v2.70 update:
Note: Update to latest Unlocker if Trial isn’t removed
Harcoded Trail Removed (Now app expires after 14 days of use)
New Sensor Mode Preference
Update: Faster Sensor Monitor
Say Time improper greeting fixed
Unused Auto Shut Down feature removed
Update: Disable Automaton improved
Update: Much faster root access
Update: Night Mode unticking itself fixed
New icon by Marc Napitupulu
Improved strings, Thanks again to Sordna
Automaton Locker from Automaton Family focuses on Automating your Device by making Locking & Unlocking device Tremendously Simple & Magical.
♥♥ XDA : “Magically” wakes the device right when you want to use it
♥ Designed for Phones, Phablets & Tablets too.
Automaton Locker provides Powers to Control Locking & Unlocking of your device :
♥ Intelligent algorithm to lock & unlock when required
● Gives you ability to use various sensors of your device like Proximity, Light, etc Sensors depending upon which Sensor configuration you choose & very high precision of determining whether to lock / unlock device.
● Instantly locks & unlocks your device just when you want to
● Designed for both Flip Cover & Normal Hand usage.
♥ Too many customization
♥ Lowest battery consumption
● You can skip your lockscreen for instant access to device.
● Keep the screen ON till you lock the screen using Automaton or power key this is great when you need to look at the screen continuously.
● Stops the sensors when you don’t need them saving battery
● Tons of Sensor Modes to choose from, variety of features which you would love to use.
Extra Features :
● Ignore App List: Select the app for which my app should stop for preventing accidental lock while playing game & app doesn’t disturb during that game
● Invert Ignore App List
● Pocket Timeout
● Night Mode: Select the time & app stops during that time interval
● Calibration: Sensors can be calibrate means you can adjust the value for lock & unlock for better usage & comfort (Only in Pro Version)
● Custom ROM support: Applies special tweaks during first start up
● Plethora of Well Tailored Settings for Customizing the working of App
Say Time : Tell the time on Unlock
♥ Experience true Automation in Locking & Unlocking your device
♥ Join the Automaton Discussion on G+ Community :
Basic uses of app:
● Control Device
● Basic Lock / Unlock of device
● Saves the hardware keys from damage
● Saves battery by instantly locking device instead of pressing any key
● No need to find the unlock/lock hardware key again
● Faster access to device
● Makes you MAGIC MAN
● Keep the screen ON during some work
● Pocket Friendly
● Helps you instantly unlock while driving (Don’t try !)
Lot many benefits …
For more USAGE details refer Tutorial in App.
Please, read FAQ for more information

In order to continue using the app after that period, purchase the Automaton Unlocker, but first make sure you are fully satisfied with it.

I want to thank all the beta testers, especially from the xda-developers forum and the people who took part in the translation project. Without you it would never come out of the beta stage. Thank you!
Before any Bad Review just mail me your problem if I can’t solve it then you can give any review you want
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