Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pandoodle – The Drawing Puzzle 2.0.3

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Current Version: 2.0.3
Requires Android: 1.5 and up
Category: Brain & Puzzle
v2.0.3 update:
- Kids Mode!
- Time Attack Mode!
- Hints to get 3 stars on Puzzle Mode!
“A hidden gem. Absolutely brilliantly innovative puzzler. Gorgeous graphics too.” – user review
The objective is to paint every doodle with its right color. When you draw traces crossing each other, it will mix their colors. Sometimes you should mix them together, but sometimes you should not. Spend less ink to get more stars and unlock new books with new features.
* 75 levels, interesting and challenging, carefully designed. (more coming)
* 3 worlds with awesome mechanics. Panda, Cat and Wolf’s puzzle masters books. (more coming)
* Tutorial levels to learn to play
* Best scores.
* A beautiful handcrafted look and feel.
* Kids Mode, in which you can draw freely
* Time Attack Mode, are you fast enough?
* Hints that help acquiring 3 stars on puzzle levels
Panda Book:
Panda will teach you the basic about drawing and painting doodles.
Cat Book:
Cat will show you the confusing and challenging drawing mirrors.
Wolf Book:
Wolf will introduce you to movement riddles, in which timing is also important.
Pandoodle is a very challenging and enriching mind puzzle. You will go through a whole learning process in order to discover the puzzle tricks and complete the levels. If you like mini-games like Cut the Rope or Flow Free, you should definitely check Pandoodle.
More Reviews:
“Great game! Must have. This game is relaxing and fun at the same time. A nice break from traditional game types.”
“Simple, fun and challenging Great concept, well executed”
“Fantastic! My son loved it.”
“Simple challenging and cute”
“Excellent game! Brilliant concept well executed. To marks love it. Should be a huge hit!”
“Colorful brain bender I like the theme, I like the colors, and I like the play mechanic. It’s simple and clever but sometimes very devious!”
“Awesome! Just awesome!”

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