Saturday, August 17, 2013


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Current Version:
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Category: Tools
v3.1.0.1 update:
- Fixed a critical bug that all folders were gone after restarting the launcher and iNoty respectively.
- Support iNoty.
- Added notification on Gmail.
- Added ’Low Quality Animation’ option for low end devices. This omits some effects to improve performance.
- Now folder displays notification.
- Now iLauncher is visible on other launcher’s application list.
- Improved rendering of dockbar and folder in iPad mode.
This is an iPhone style home screen launcher.
- Icons have rounded corners and gloss effects.
- Long touch icons to move them around and position them as you like.
- Dock-bar
- Easily uninstall apps from your home screen.
- Press the back button to exit edit mode.
- Can change each application’s name and icon by touching the app shortly in jiggle mode
- Support 5 rows mode, just like iPhone 5
- Folders
- Shortcuts
- Support tablets (iPad mode)
- Changable logo
- Support live wallpapers
WITH iNoty
- Transparent status bar
- More notifications on icons

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