Thursday, August 15, 2013

JellyBlack AOKP/CM Theme 4.6.3

Download :
Current Version: 4.6.3
Requires Android: 4.0 and up
Category: Personalization
v4.6.3 update:
4.6.3 – Fixed a Battery problem (thanks to pascal.buehler for reporting)
xxhdpi fixes,
mms fixes
4.6.2 – removed calendar. no more fc with Google Calendar
4.6.1 – Google Talk fixed
4.6 – fixed a text issue @ skype
added google Talk
4.5 – fixed a bug in maps (thanks LorDClockan)
added back Swype (classical theme)
4.4.1 – bug fix for playstore. searchbar is back, but menu bg is now white.
A dark CM/AOKP Theme for the Tmobile theme chooser by TUN_SD
please try the free version first.
if you like it, choose this one. I really appreciate that. ;)
If you find any bugs please write me to my email address
I try to fix asap.
Gmail isn´t full themeable via ThemeChooser, so there are some small bugs. :D
I have been working on this theme for over a year now, and now it´s time for a release.
(This is the reason for version 3.5 as an initial release.)
More than 40 apps are themed, including mostly images/colors.
This theme is based on the Tmobile theme engine, so in order to use this theme your device must be rooted and have the Tmobile theme engine, which is included in most custom ROMs.
This theme utilizes new code that has been incorporated into a lot of custom ROMs, which allows for inverted Contacts and MMS apps. If your ROM does not have this code then these apps will not be inverted.
Note that when applying the theme, both the Market and System UI may force close. System UI will restart in a few seconds, and neither of these apps will fc again. This ONLY occurs when first applying the theme.
Installation Instructions
1. remove previous installed versions from my xda thread.
2. Install apk from playstore
3. Select the System Theme in the theme chooser, and reboot
4. Return to the theme chooser, select this JellyBlack Them, and reboot
5. Enjoy
I want to thank the most important people for me from XDA-Developers:
LorD Clockan,
without them, nothing would be possible :)
and of course the themer from this awesome thread:
User reviews:
Nick Rayford
Amazing theme from an amazing dev.
There is so much stuff themed.
And the attention to the small details is amazing.
Highly recommended. Cheers TUN, from Rayford85
Justin Melendez
Perfect Like always
doc HD
Awesome Work :)
The greatest Black Theme for AOKP/CM from the greatest themer :)
Thank you TUN – great work – as always :)
Damir Franc
Best black theme
This is exactly the black theme I was looking for, looks simply fantastic!!!

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