Wednesday, September 11, 2013

n’4get Reminder Pro 3.03

Download :
Current Version: 3.03
Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Category: Tools
v3.03 update:
(new) French language added
(update) Fixed preferences/promo code bug
Add own notifications to the Android Task Bar. Remind yourself instantly, on a date or repeatedly. You can customize with lots of icons, sounds, vibration pattern, LED and much more.
Top Features
• Jelly Bean notifications with actions
• 30+ icons, sound, vibration, LED, screen on
• Repeating, on a date or instant reminder
• Sticky, insisting, snooze
• Birthdays and anniversaries (from phone contacts)
• Two homescreen and lockscreen widgets
• Stock and custom vibration pattern
• Android backup integration, backup to SD
• Silent mode at night
• Dark and light holo themes
• DashClock extension available
n’4get Reminder Pro comes without ads and provides 20 new icons and 12 additional stock vibration pattern. It also allows unlimited own vibration pattern.
Never Forget Birthdays!
Birthdays and anniversaries are imported from contacts or the phone book. The reminder may give you the age that person will turn.
Never Forget to Bring Flowers!
Two different widgets are available. The bar widget is for next reminders. The bigger list widget shows more entries and can be resized. It can also land on the lockscreen of a Jelly Bean device.
Never Forget to Call!
A cool way to customize reminders are vibration pattern. You can create your own ones by tapping and holding on the screen for a few seconds. Other than that, there are also stock vibrations included.
Never Forget Anniversaries!
If you want to buy yourself time to complete a reminder, just hit the snooze button and it will bug you again later. You can also create an insisting reminder. Those keep alarming you again and again until you have finished the task.
An easy way to organize reminders are groups. Reminders that share one group are displayed together and can also have their own home screen widget. This makes it easier to access a growing number of reminders.
Never Forget to Clean the Coffee Machine!
There are two backup option included. Either export your data to the SD card and import it later, or use Android’s Backup Agent integration. The Backup Agent stores data online with your Google account and restores everything when reinstalling after a firmware update or when moving to a new device. It’s very easy to use, but may fail when moving from one network provider to another. See your phone’s preferences for details.
The app comes with two great looking holo themes (dark theme and light theme). It is a native Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) app, but also runs on older Android versions, down to version 2.2.
The user interface is also optimized for the use on tablet devices and runs smoothly on 10” screens. n’4get Reminder uses only a limited amount of system resources and does not drain the battery, even with a large number of reminders in place.
n’4get Reminder Pro comes without ads and provides 20 new icons and 12 additional stock vibration pattern. It also allows unlimited own vibration pattern.
If you have already unlocked Pro Features in the free version of n’4get Reminder, you do not need this download!

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