Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mini Tasker 0.2.9

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Current Version: 0.2.9
Requires Android: 4.0 and up
Category: Personalization
v0.2.9 update:
* delete action/condition button in the edit screen added
* lots of database related errors and crashes fixed
* more descriptive on hardware/sensors actions
* auto brightness now correctly restores to automatic
* location condition now has an inverse option
* location condition is now memoryless when disabled and reenabled
* fixed a lot of memory leaks, thanks for the reports everyone
Michal Romano and Anton Wolkov are not affiliated with Tasker.
If you had previous versions installed (before 0.2.9) and experience problems with values not restoring or tasks not running open this link from the app (open it on the phone/tablet): https://kix.co.il/minitasker/reset.php
Make your phone experience personal, by customizing and automating the actions your phone or tablet can do.
The setup is done right from the device, no social networks or user accounts needed.
You can get started quickly by downloading predefined tasks from the internet or from your friends.
Here are some of the actions you can perform:
* Launch other apps
* Start playing music
* Control the phone’s volume (mute etc)
* Set up a notification
* Send or forward SMS messages
* Control WiFi, Background Sync, Mobile Data, Airplane*, GPS*, Bluetooth, NFC
* Screen brightness
* Silence unwanted calls
You can select the conditions to be met for the actions above, here are a couple you can pick from:
* Location – pick a place on the map and you’re done.
* Daily Time Range – you can pick the day of the week
* Calendar Event – you can match to specific events with keywords in the title/location etc.
* Activity Recognition – let the phone figure out if you’re driving, walking, cycling or in one place.
* Headset connected
* Charger connected
* Phone is docked
* Low battery
This app is very battery efficient. All of the conditions don’t require polling, activity recognition uses only low power sensors like the accelerometer and geo locations use the most power efficient method available on the phone (supports native geofencing on the nexus 4).
We do need the app to periodically wake up in order to not be killed by the android activity manager. This is our initial release so we’re still tweaking the process to make it efficient. You can help if you enable statistics reporting in the settings window, this will tell us how many time the phone was awake and when.
We ask for a lot of permissions, and even then, some features like GPS and sometimes the Airplane mode require us to use the root permission (other features don’t need root).
* Internet: We only access the internet when importing from a link, when browsing the task market, or when loading maps to the location condition editor. You can use a firewall like Droid Wall to deny our app internet access, it should keep working just fine accept for the features we just mentioned.
* Permission Revocation: We recommend you to patch your mod with PDroid (aka OpenPDroid or AutoPatcher) or if you can’t, get LBE (for rooted phones) to manage permissions you’re not comfortable with.
* Tracking: There are no ads or any 3rd party tracking at all, our statistics are disabled by default. The app doesn’t phone home or tries to deanonymize the device.
* Privacy: If you share a task – it is uploaded to our servers and later downloaded by the recipient.
This is my and Michal Romano’s university project, we really hope you like the result.
Share your favorite tasks with us! Long press them, select “Share” from the menu and email them to contact@kix.co.il
This app is not related to “Tasker” in any way. Tasker is a trademark of Crafty Apps Ltd http://tasker.dinglisch.net/
Technical Update:
0.2.9 is hopefully the answer to the recent crashes introduced in 0.2.3. It took us a while but we wrote a lot of new code. We should no longer leak database objects, which should address most of the crashes.
Also we hopefully fixed some minor issues people reported.
2 small new features added: location inverse and the ability to delete a single action/condition.
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